frequently asked questions


What is Terra?

Terra is a USA based company specializing in electric motorcycles.

Where is Terra Based?

Terra is based in Colorado. We build our frames and assemble right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

What separates Terra Bikes from other E-motos?

We strive to be the most accessible electric motorcycle on the market. What that means is we designed our bikes to use commonplace parts – from standard axle sizes to common mountain bike parts. If you break it or want to upgrade it, you can. On top of that, we build our bikes to last – we use metal, not plastic. 

Can I visit the factory?

We use American contractors, so visiting the factory will be tough because we source our parts from all over the country. But we highly encourage you to visit us for a demo ride.

Where can I view and demo ride a Terra Bike?

If you find yourself near Carbondale, CO, come by for a ride. Otherwise, we are planning demo rides in the western states this coming summer (2023). Stay tuned for a schedule. 

ABOUT the bike

How is the Terra Bike’s frame constructed?

Terra’s frame is constructed of 4130 Chromoly steel. The battery box is constructed of aluminum and has a IP65 waterproof rating. The “faux” tank is also constructed of aluminum. We chose to use minimal (really no) plastic because we wanted our bikes to last, for as long as humanly possible.

What kind of suspension does the bike have?

Terra’s suspension is hybrid between dirtbikes and downhill mountain bikes. The front suspension is a 200mm downhill mountain bike fork and the rear shock is a 1000-lbs dirtbike shock. The suspension is non-proprietary, so replacement is as easy as going to your local mountain bike or dirtbike shop.

How tall is the bike?

The standover height of a Terra is 32”. This is tall enough for most grown adults to touch the ground while seated on the bike.

How long is the bike?

The wheelbase length is 164”. This is just long enough to fit most tray style mountain bike racks. We suggest using a motorcycle rack or a heavy duty tray style mountain bike rack, such as a 1UP.

What size wheels are on a Terra?

Terra comes equipped with 19”x3.0” all-terrain tires. They are mounted on 19”x1.95” rims.

What’s the Terra Bike’s max tire size?

Although we don’t recommend changing the tire size because it changes the performance of the bike, you can fit a 3.5” tires. 

How much does the Bike weigh?

Terra only weighs 160lbs out of the door.

How much weight can a Terra Bike carry?

Terra comes equipped w/ a 1000lb spring in the rear, so it can carry some weight.

Can a second passenger ride on the back?

Terra comes equipped w/ a large seat, but no rear pegs. You can bring a passenger for short journeys, but right now, it is not encouraged to ride w/ a passenger.

Is there storage on the Terra Bike?

Yes, the “faux tank” is a storage compartment. It includes a USB charge port and is large enough for small items, such as riding gloves, a ball cap, a burrito, etc. This is also how you access the master power switch. We are developing a rack system for the rear, which will replace the rear light hoop, and will allow paneer mounting solutions.


Does Terra Bikes come with a warranty?

Yes, of course. Terra comes w/ a limited 3 year warranty on the frame, and a 1 year warranty on the componentry (motor, battery, etc). 

Do you offer financing?

We currently do not offer financing. 

Is the bike street legal?

Terra is a low-powered vehicle, which is equivalent to a moped or a 50cc bike (sub 4.5kw). It typically only requires a driver’s license in the U.S., but you will need to check your state regulations. It comes equipped w/ a DOT approved headlight and indicator lights, as well as a horn and brake lights, so registering a Terra is as easy as scheduling it for an inspection w/ your local highway patrol.

What license do I need to ride it on the street? 

After you register your bike, all you need is a valid drivers license.

Where can I ride my bike?

Wherever you can drive your car, you can ride a Terra. That said, a Terra Bike is considered a moped, so highway travel is prohibited in most states. Be sure to consult your local laws. Off-road use is restricted to OHV travel if it’s not registered. If it’s registered, you can drive it wherever a car/truck may travel. A Terra bike is NOT a pedal bike (mountain bike), so you cannot ride it on bike trails.

Can you ride Terra Bikes in the snow / in the winter?

Yes, of course. We recommend installing studs for ice. And we strongly recommend charging it indoors.

How do I service my bike?

Electric motors do not need servicing. Brakes will need servicing and you can have that done at any bike shop. If you ride off-road, cleaning and lubricating the chain will ensure a long life span.

Where can I get help if something on the bike needs to get repaired?

Please contact us and we will advise.

How do I clean my bike?

Always make sure that the bike is standing firmly before washing and don’t forget to turn the bike off. Never use a pressure washer or a water hose in order to clean the bike. It’s recommended to use pressurized air, a bucket of water together with a cloth and brush. When cleaning the chain, use a chain cleaner and scrub the chain with a brush. Repeat the cleaning before drying the chain and apply chain lube.

Are Terra Bike’s waterproof?

Terra Bikes are IP65 waterproof certified, but that does not mean they can be submerged in water. They can withstand rain, snow, and a good amount of water crossings, but they are electrical, so heavy water exposure can penetrate the electrical components.

Where can I find spare parts for my bike? 

We built Terra with you in mind. Most parts are commonplace and can be found online or at your local bike / motorbike shop. But for the quickest and easiest replacement, please email us at:

How do I prevent my bike from being stolen? 

We recommend using a motorcycle specific lock. It is light enough to pick up, so always lock it to something sturdy.


What size battery does Terra use? 

Terra uses a 72V battery. We offer 2 size options: a 42AH base model and a 65AH upgrade. 

Can I remove the battery?

Yes, but we built the bike to be used for long-distance travel, as well as creating a waterproof environment for the electronics. The side panel of the battery box is fastened using 10 bolts. Remove this panel, and the battery will be exposed. Never remove this panel without first switching off the master kill switch.

How do I charge the battery?

Terra’s battery is sealed in the aluminum battery box and is charged via a port near the rear suspension. The charger plugs into any 110V AC outlet. 

What kind of charger can I use on the bike? 

Terra comes with a 5A 110V charger. This is a low- speed charger that maximizes the life of the battery, and ensures a safe charging experience in a wide range of temperatures. We also offer a high-speed charger. 

Can I replace the battery on the Terra Bike?

Yes, you can certainly replace the battery. We built a modular battery holder inside the “battery box” which can adjust to different size batteries. As technology changes and batteries become better, we want you to have the ability to upgrade as necessary. All our batteries will be backward compatible.

How does the battery perform in hot and cold environments?

With any Li-Ion battery, extreme temperatures affect the battery in different ways. For most temperatures, you can ride the bike as you see fit. Where the caution comes to play is charging. We recommend charging your bike inside at room temperature. If it’s too cold or hot, there are safety measures built into the bike that won’t allow it to be charged.

How do I store my bike for extended periods of time, say for the winter?

We recommend maintaining your bike’s battery charge between 50-75% and turn the master switch off.

Does a Terra fit on a bike rack?

Yes, but weight is a concern. If you plan on using a mountain bike rack, we recommend using a 1Up or equivalent heavy duty bike rack. We strongly recommend using a motorcycle rack if you plan on doing off-road driving.

How will my Terra Bike be delivered to me?

Right now, we are hand delivering bikes. If you live on the East Coast or overseas, we will work with you to figure out best course of action to ship.

How much does shipping cost?

Depends on where you live. We will work with you to source the most cost effective way to ship.