You can't talk about Terra without getting to know my story.  I founded Terra in 2020 in the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak. My fiance and I had escaped to southern Utah to weather out the storm with my parents. We helped with the farming, would go on long walks in the desert, ride bikes and hit some slot canyons. But we were weren't just desert rats and we were exploring what a road trip w/ a raft would look like. How we would run shuttle by ourselves, etc.

My dad, Ricki, always has a project motorcycle in his shop. And at this time, he had two Honda CRs, a 450 and a 750. 750 was running, but he 450 was in shambles – he was having the block rebored. But as I started thinking about Covid, the way we as a society commutes – or in our case, runs shuttle – an open air, bike concept came to mind.

But as much as I love classic motorcycles, I don't love the grease, the maintenance and honestly, the noise. With the rise in electric bikes, I decided to give it a go. I built a Stealth Bomber kit from China that following summer. It was a great bike – fast, quiet and pretty economical. But there were some serious flaws. To start, a powerful motor does not pair well w/ "bike" pedals – off-road, you end up taxing one leg, and getting the build on and off a rack, those same pedals tend to bash shins. The second and third issue I found were the center of gravity – hub motors are good for cruising sidewalks, but not for romping dirt trails. And finally, having an electric motor, battery, controller, etc, waterproofing was a huge importance factor.

So I took to the drawing board. I knew what I wanted, and I what I didn't want. What I came up w/ was Terra Bike – a low-powered motorcycle, that has long travel for ripping trails, but comes equipped w/ a DOT approved headligh, indictor lights, a horn and brake lights. I designed the "battery enclosure" to be water- and dustproof. And of course, we maxed out the motor/battery to provide the fastest acceleration and range possible.

What we ended up w/ is a ode to the classic motorcycles of my dad's garage, but also a modern electric machine that goes beyond convention. Oh, and did I mention we don't use plastic... anywhere!

Our Story

- Dylan


Adventure Ready.
Hand-built in the USA.