Terra Prime

Introducing the Terra Prime.  Think of Prime as an electric enduro bike; long-travel, off-road tires and a comfortable seat – this bike is meant to take you where you want to go, and further. Through the windy roads of New England to the narrow streets of Venice Beach, from the slickrock desert climbs of Moab to the rocky mountain passes of Colorado, the PRIME allows you to conquer it all, and well. Order now to start your custom build process!

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The Prime can be ridden up to 55mph, although 28mph is the limit on-road if you do not possess a motorcycle license and only a driver’s license.

Terra can easily travel 90 miles on a single charge (w/ our 70AH pack), but expect a range around 55 miles when rooster tailing single track offroad.

The Prime is powered by a 72V Ternary Lithium battery pack, which gives you plenty of power when you need it w/ an optioned peak output of 12kw.

NOt your grandma's moped

90+ Miles

55 MPH

72V Lithium


Top Speed


From the Office to Off-Road

With the twist of a throttle, Terra is for the environmentally conscious rider who wants to take their EV from pavement to gravel and beyond. Terra Bikes is the first to blend the advantages of dural-sport motorcycles and mountain bikes to keep weight down and performance up. 

A Modern Commuter with an Off-Road Pedigree

Equipped with a large battery pack, DOT approved lights and off-road suspension, Terra isn't just for the city commuter looking for that alternative form of transportation, but also the outdoor enthusiast who wants a new and fun way to explore the world.

Ride in Comfort — Anywhere

Built for the toughest conditions, but designed to elevate your daily commute. Terra Prime is one of the stoutest production e-motos on the market. We built Terra to be simple and to the point; a bike that can take a hit off-road, yet ride buttery smooth on on-road.


Don’t be daunted by electricity. Terra charges can be plugged into any 110V wall outlet.

~4 hours


90+ miles

Single charge Range

*With 50ah battery pack.

*With 70ah battery pack.

Inspired by the past, built for the future

Terra is a homage to the classic cafe racer. Inspired by the love for building up classic Hondas and Kawasakis in the garage,  Terra plays off bespoke heritage bike culture. Built with commonplace, easy to source componentry, you have the ability to change almost anything about the bike: from the gearing to suspension, battery and headlights… all in your own garage.

Keeping manufacturing close to home means you know the builders, and the culture that makes TERRA shine. That starts with a US manufactured steel and is finished with hand-spun wheels in Denver. Our fabricators live and breathe Colorado air, we work closely with venders that have US ties, and we believe the closer we keep manufacturing to home the better the final product will be. Plus, you know if we can't break it, you can't either!

Handmade in Colorado

Terra was built with comfort in mind. That starts with the wide leather seat and low standover height. We made sure it was stable at speeds, but not cumbersome when at a standstill. With a standover height of 32”, women and men alike can keep a foot on the ground at all times. With weight coming in at nearly half that of a conventional motorcycle, the fear of dropping it goes to the wayside. Terra is the future of two wheel travel.

Hertiage of a Scrambler

technical Overview

Build Details






Any solid build begins with the frame. Our frames are 1" 4130 Chromoly tubing, which cradles a watertight 5052 Aluminum battery box, providing ample protection to all the important stuff.

A brushless mid-drive motor pushes a 420 chain to a 60T rear cog, giving tons of torque for hill climbing, and a modest top speed of 55 mph. The direct chain drive provides smooth and efficient power.

Sporting 8" of plush travel up front and 6.5" of travel in the rear means this bike is meant for its birthplace: the mountains of Colorado. The progressive 3:1 spring ratio in the rear gives a controlled, yet damp ride.

Our base model is a 32ah72V lithium battery, providing plenty of juice for those offroad adventures, while keeping you moving for those daily commutes. A 50ah and 70ah battery is also available for those looking for a little bit extra.

4 ride modes allows you the rider ultimate control and safety. Switch it to mode 1 for safe neighborhood riding, 2 for city commuting or 3 for those desert hill-climbs. And finally 4 for ludicrous mode.

DOT approved head, tail and indicator lights means you are safe on and off-road, and legal. The lights run off a 12V system, pulling off your main battery pack, which means only one battery to deal with. Oh, and did we mention you can switch all the lights off?

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Think of the PRIME as a dual-sport bike. Long-travel, off-road tires and a comfortable seat – this bike is meant to take you where you want to go.

Terra Prime

Introducing a World's first: The TERRA PRIME. Think of Prime as an electric long-travel scrambler – this bike is meant to take you where you want to go, and further. 

FrOM $8,995— BASE

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